Most destructive pilot

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Passionate Drone Racing Pilot from Germany since 2015.

I try to participate at every race in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Big shout out to my sponsors for supporting me on my journey.

If it's fast i will shake it. Gimbals have to be mooved harder.

Me at the SDL


Big shoutout to all my Sponsors and Supporter for keeping me up in the air.



Overview of some rankings this year.
Germany Currently preparing for the Season 2022 - Stay tuned

Overview of some rankings 2021.
Germany Drone Championship (PRO CLASS) Neckartenzlingen - Ranking: 6
Germany Drone Championship (Over 40) Neckartenzlingen - Ranking: 3
Germany Multi GP Global Qualifier
Germany Drone Championship (PRO CLASS) Neubrunn - Ranking: 9
Germany Drone Championship (Over 40) Neubrunn - Ranking: 1

Overview of some rankings 2020.
Germany Drone Championship (Over 40) Stettfeld - Ranking: 2
Austria STADION RACE DAYS 1.0 - Ranking: 6
Germany Drone Championship (PRO CLASS) Adelsried - Ranking: 7
Germany BMR / Multi GP Munich - Saison Opening - Ranking: 3

Overview of some rankings 2019.
China FAI World Drone Racing Championship Grand Finals
Germany Drone Championship (PRO CLASS) - Overall Season Ranking: 17
Germany Drone Championship (PRO CLASS) - Friedrichshafen - Ranking: 24
Austria Rieder Indoor FPV Drone Race - Race 2 - Ranking: 7
Austria Rieder Indoor FPV Drone Race - Race 1 - Ranking: 6
Austria URBAN CORE Drone Race - Ranking: 6
Germany Drone Championship (PRO CLASS) - Stettfeld - Ranking: 21
Austria WRT Drone RACE by ViennaFPV - Ranking 6
Austria Quadcrashers: Hell Of Gates - FPV Race - Ranking: 1
Germany Drone Championship (PRO CLASS) - Oberheid - Ranking: 20
Germany FFF - FPV Festival Friedewalde
Austria Horny Valley Race 3.0
Germany Drone Championship (PRO CLASS) - Erfurt - Ranking: 15
Germany Drone Championship (PRO CLASS) - Bad Sulzufflen - Ranking: 25

Overview of some rankings 2018.
Germany Drone Championship Overall 2018 - Ranking: 17 of 177 pilots
Germany Drone Championship - Friedrichshafen 2018 - Ranking: 20
Swiss Swiss Drone League Automesse St Gallen - Ranking 9
Austria Ried Cup Austria - Ranking 5
Swiss Swiss Drone League Bern - Ranking 5
Germany Munich Race - Ranking 2
Germany German Masters F3U Open Class - Ranking 4
Austria DGA Lord of the Gates I - Ranking 3
Germany Aircrasher Testrace for German Masters - Ranking 3
Germany BMR Testrace for Munich Race - Ranking 3
Germany FAI World Cup Bitterfeld - Ranking 6
Germany German Masters F3U Nördlingen - Ranking 29
Germany German Drone World Cup -FAI F3U- Noerdlingen
Austria DGA Airsoftpark Madness 2018 - Ranking: 7
Austria DGA Horny Valley Race 2018 - Ranking: 7
Germany Southern German FPV Race 2018
Germany Intercopter Racing Cup 2018
Germany MBC Fuerth FPV Race 2018 - Ranking: 4
Germany Drone Championship - Saison Opening Erfurt 2018 - Ranking: 15

Overview of some rankings 2017.
Germany Southern German FPV Race 2017 - Ranking: 33
Germany Drone Racing Series Sachsencup 2017 - Ranking: 5
Germany Drone Racing Series Stettfeld 2017 - Ranking: 23
Germany Drone Racing Series Düsseldorf Finals 2017 - Ranking: 26
Germany FPV Race Faszination Modellbau Friedrichshafen 2017 - Ranking: 12
Germany Aircrasher Hallenrace Hassfurt 2017 - Ranking: 17
Germany Intercopter Racing Cup 2017
Austria fahr(T)raum) Airrace 2017 - Ranking: 3
Austria Horny Valley Race 2017 - Ranking: Top 16
Swiss Moto Drone St. Gallen 2017 - Most Destructive Pilot



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Team Blacksheep

We’re headed up by Remo, Raphael and Chris; three guys that love drones, FPV racing, and are passionate about the experience of flight.

With a culturally colorful background we never fail to keep things interesting, and we have been since the genesis of FPV. We earned our name by being the first FPV pilots in Switzerland and Austria to fly with goggles, making us the black sheep of the hobby, a name we've carried proudly since 2007.

Our small team found big fame back in 2011 when the FAA fined Raphael for ‘carelessly operating an aircraft’ while flying FPV in Virginia. Raphael fought back and the allegation that was later reduced. It was well published as the landmark case for FPV and drones in general.

What wasn't dropped were the large amounts of public attention suddenly focused on commercial drones and the rules for flying them, thanks to us. Our land mark case won FPV pilots everywhere 8 months of relatively unrestricted flying, until the ruling on what was considered an ‘aircraft’ was overturned.

We three and everyone we’ve brought on board in the making of TBS are dedicated to bringing innovation and creation to an industry known for its replicas. We make it first; tried, tested and true. Plenty try to follow in our footsteps only to realize the size of our strides.

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